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Red Ale? Bottling

The first day of fermentation, there was so much activity it bubbled over.  This was cleaned up and the airlock was replaced.  In the future we will allow for blowoff during the first couple days.  We did not do as well of a job rinsing out the bottles after use, so we had to spend time cleaning the bottles but it was helped by the pressurized bottle washer that was purchased off of Northern Brewer. Sterilization went much quicker this time once we got the flow down. We rinsed out any mold, did a bleach soak and rinse then an Idophor wash.  We used ⅔ cup sugar with a pint of water this time for priming.  The strong initial smell from the bottling bucket was fruity.  Specific Gravity measured to be 1.024 which translates to 6 deg plato and 3.2% ABV, all temperature compensated at 69 degrees. This comes to an estimation of a 7.3% ABV beer which is decently strong.
Observation Notes from tasting glasses: Orange/Red color, Clear, some particulates.  Tasting Notes: Fruity, Citrus, a bit of sweetness, taste a bit of the alcohol, stronger than before. (Not a red ale).  Tasting plan:  taste at specific time intervals.  We waited a bit after syphoning into the bottling container to hopefully let some of the particulate matter settle, we’ll see if it works.  Bottling went smoothly, we filled a number of larger bottles since tastings have been occurring in groups and opening less bottles would be nice.  One note from the process, when filling the hose and bottling wand with beer, the air bubbled out through the 5 gallon container, aerating the beer.  We should probably try to avoid this in the future, even if it wastes some beer.

It’s Bottling Time

We bottled our first beer, I was kind of sick so it basically sucked for me, but it went well.  It took forever since we had to clean all of the bottles, de-molding some of them but we ended up with 42.5 bottles of beer, not bad for a first shot at it.  We will try to remember to wash the bottles ahead of time in the future.

We used 3/4 cup of sugar with a pint of water for carbonating in bottle, we kind of forgot to pour the mixture into the bottling bucket first so we had to add it after syphoning and mix it in.  We seemed to be quite successful with syphoning, there was next to no sediment pulled from the carboy.

I know this is a short and super not informative post, but I forgot to write it at the time and am going from memory.  Future bottling posts will be better.